Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Are Kate and Amy really the faces of Croydon?

Today's email from the Croydon Guardian has three stories about Kate Moss and one about Amy Winehouse. None of the stories has a direct link to Croydon - it is simply that the celebs involved spent some time here before being famous.

Kate Moss, of course, is a Croydonian. She went to local schools and it's no secret that she grew up in Addiscombe and South Croydon. But it's not clear to me why her Croydon roots means our local paper has to make space for stories about Kate's nanny, her Top Shop designs and her boyfriend's convictions.

Amy Winehouse on the other hand has rather dubious connections to Croydon. Hailing from Southgate at the northern end of London, she trekked her way down to Croydon to attend the Brit School for a few years. This is enough for the Guardian to include the latest ups and downs in her marriage with Blake.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against these celebs or celeb gossip in general. But if I want to hear about Kate and Amy, I'll read Vogue or the NME or the 3am Girls or Popbitch. It isn't as if these stories happened in Croydon or even that these women's careers have much to do with their Croydon connections. I want my local paper to focus on news that involves Croydon and affects Croydonians.

If we want Croydon heroes, people whose fame was moulded by their Croydon experience, perhaps we should consider England rugby players George Chuter and Paul Sackey. Both attended Croydon schools and honed their skills week in week out on our playing fields. But maybe even then their exploits are best left to the back pages of the Telegraph than in the local paper.

Mind you, anything is better than hearing about Dane Bowers' latest appearance at a Croydon nightclub...

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