Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gerry Ryan for Croydon Central

Gerry Ryan won the nomination tonight for Croydon Central as the Labour Co-operative candidate, with the participation of over half the members.

Gerry, a telephone engineer and CWU official, is a Croydon councillor and has lived in the borough all his adult life. Gerry was the Labour
candidate in Croydon South in 2001.

Labour lost Croydon Central in 2005 by just 75 votes and favourable boundary changes and our excellent candidate means Gerry and Labour are in a great position to take the seat next time.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Crap Cycle Lanes of Croydon

Mike Armstrong of Croydon Green Party has been campaigning away on cycle facilities with his new blog, Crap Cycle Lanes of Croydon.

I have always been a little dubious about engineering solutions to achieve more cycling, when perhaps it would be better to promote cycling through better additional facilities like showers at work and safe parking, and taking cars off the road as the congestion charge has proven. But the Council gets the money for lanes and junctions, so it should spend it properly. I wish Mike's blog had been there to guide us two or three years ago when trying to navigate the complexities of traffic management.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Croydon Central shortlist (finally) decided

Following the decision to repeat the shortlisting in our quest to find a Labour candidate for Croydon Central, there was a slight change to the result. This time Cllr Simon Hall edged out Cllr Stuart Collins. The full list is:

- Jane Avis
- Andrew Bradstock
- Simon Hall
- Gerry Ryan
- Afsana Shukur

Clearly this has been difficult, not least for the candidate who had been shortlisted and who had put in a lot of work only to come off the shortlist once again. But the shortlist provides some real choices - some local, some from further afield, some experience as councillors, some in business, some in the civil service, those best known for their work rate, others who are better at communication and speech-making, and those who have previously been parliamentary candidates. It will be a difficult choice to weigh all these things up.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Croydon Festival underway

Croydon Festival takes place on 14th and 15th July. The Croydon Council organised festival starts today in Lloyd Park with the African Caribbean Family Festival, 1pm to 8pm with Jimmy Cliff headlining. Tomorrow sees the Croydon Mela, also in Lloyd Park 1-8, with Raghav and a host of other acts.

Personally I was sad to see the World Party which normally took place on the Saturday narrowed to become an African Caribbean day only, without the international flavour that included food from around the world and campaigning stalls from Oxfam and the Fairtrade Network. There were many great acts from Africa and the Caribbean before, but we also had acts from Europe and Latin America that were fantastic too - Ojos de Brujo, Rodrigo and Gabriela and Los de Abajo in the heart of Croydon. It is important to mark 200 years since the end of slavery, of course, but hopefully next year the festival can return to drawing in acts and stalls representing the best from around the world.

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Warehouse on Facebook

The Warehouse Theatre has a Facebook group...

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New shortlist needed for Croydon Central

Although the local Labour Party had already agreed a shortlist, some technical concerns were raised. Therefore Croydon Central has to shortlist once again this Sunday. As before Jane Avis, Gerry Ryan and Afsana Shukur are automatically shortlisted. Of the six men eligible, Andrew Bradstock and Stuart Collins just edged out Simon Hall last time, but this will be a new vote and potentially a new shortlist therefore.

The selection meeting is now planned for 29 July.

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