Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Healthcare for London - a consultation

Following the ground-breaking announcements of health minister, Professor Lord Darzi, London's Primary Care Trusts have launched a major consultation on the future of Healthcare for London. Essentially the government and the NHS want to provide more excellence in urgent, acute specialist care which may mean having a smaller number of specialist hospitals for strokes, major injuries, etc; and more local, generic services in the community, bringing together GPs, blood test services, dentists, pharmacies, etc.

I think there is a lot to be said for these proposals. Long-term conditions like diabetes could be better dealt with in community medical centres, without the need for hospital visits or stays, and the very best technology and clinical expertise can be gathered together to assist those in acute need. Now we just need them to recognise the importance of accountability and the participation of patients and staff along the lines of foundation hospital trusts - a sense of ownership and involvement, being more patient-focused, and strategic beyond even these expanded and generalised services.

It's important the views of Outer London boroughs like Croydon are heard. People can find out more and get involved by:
  • Coming to the Croydon roadshow on 7 February, 2pm-8pm at the Fairfield Halls
  • Visiting : www.healthcareforlondon.nhs.uk
  • Calling: FREEPHONE 0808 238 5430
  • Writing to: FREEPOST, Consulting the Capital

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