Monday, September 17, 2007

Last night at the Warehouse

Last night I managed to catch the last night of 'Vacant Possession' at the Warehouse Theatre, a new comedy that arrived in Croydon direct from delighting audiences at the Edinburgh Festival by Ray Brown, performed by Phillip Manikum and Jamie Smelt.

A gentle comedy, it is set in 1980s Yorkshire and deals with Sweeting, a self-made older man looking for attention and company, and Gary, a 30-something political activist and general dosser needing to move out of his mum's. There was some lovely characterisation and use of language, and it was a really sweet engaging play of the kind that works so well in the Warehouse's intimate space.

The play got nice reviews at Edinburgh, but sadly Geoffrey Wilkinson who played Sweeting died suddenly before the play made it down to Croydon. Manikum has made the part his own, and it's a fitting tribute to Geoffrey that the show did go on.

The play now moves on to the Hackney Empire then Yorkshire. Meanwhile the Warehouse has the world premiere of Some Kinda' Arizona this Friday, with the play on until 21 October.



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