Friday, June 22, 2007

Croydon Council - your chance to question them

Croydon Council has reintroduced public question time at full Council meetings. The problem with them before was that the same people asked the same questions each time, although it was often useful to see the public ask questions on an issue that had blown up in the previous few weeks that Council bureaucracy inadvertently fails to respond to, given its longer cycles.

The next meeting of the Council is 23 July and the deadline for questions is 9 July at noon. You need to email with a question no more than 50 words long which relates to an issue over which the Council has direct power or responsibility. If you attend the meeting you can find the written answer to your question and make one oral supplementary question.

So go ahead and ask your questions; topics that I hope come up are the Warehouse Theatre, Croydon Gymnastics School, Upper Norwood Library, the Council's view of academic selection, the disturbing spate of violent crime against young people, the Fairfield Halls, the trees of Coulsdon, and maybe even the crane collapse.

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