Friday, February 09, 2007

Butler scores stunning victory for Labour

Labour's Alison Butler had a great result in the Bensham Manor by-election last night. The by-election was to fill a vacancy on Croydon Council caused by the resignation of Labour Co-op councillor Paula Shaw. Bensham Manor has for some time been one of Labour's safest seats in Croydon, so a victory was on the cards, but for Labour to increase its majority on a similar turnout to the last election was perhaps not predicted by everyone.

The full result was:

Butler, Lab - 1683, 61.6%
Taylor, Con - 617, 22.6%
Khan, Green - 240, 8.8%
Tyree, LibDem - 126, 4.6%
Feisenberger, UKIP - 40, 1.5%
Cartwright, OMRLP - 15, 0.5%
Samuel, People's Choice - 9, 0.3%

So a majority of over 1,000. In May 2006, Labour received a similar number of votes, but this represented 50% of the votes cast, and the Conservatives have gone down a little, with Taylor losing exactly 500 personal votes since he stood last year. The Greens had another relatively good performance with local lad Shasha Khan.

So congratulations Alison, and welcome back to the Council. Alison was previously cabinet member for housing and has helped thousands of people across north Croydon as head of Malcolm Wicks MP's constituency office, so she will make a great councillor for the area.

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Blogger christine said...

hi, first of all thank you for linking to the Daily Typo, much appreciated. My real blog is supermum saga lout, and I must confess I live in Clockhouse which is of course sutton.

You amy wish to have a look at the Croydon Flickrs group on flickr to see that people find a lot of good in Croydon and alot of beauty too ( if rather alternative).

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stunning? Really? I thought turn out was a mere 18.1% and in a safe Labour Seat the swing in percentage terms is hardly anthing to be shouting about.

12:50 PM  

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