Wednesday, November 08, 2006

X Factor reject (and Croydonian) wants to be Tory mayoral candidate

X Factor reject, former boxer, celebrity hat wearer and serial party joiner, Winston McKenzie, is after the Conservative nomination to face Ken in the 2008 London elections, today's Metro reports.

So here's Winston's story:

McKenzie's Thornton Heath pub, McKenzie Bros Bar & Grill, is almost shut down in September 2001, after "being caught several times by police serving alcohol after hours" leading police to oppose the retention of their license.

The bar is shut down in 2002 following police pressure after drugs and gun raids. So bad was the reputation of the pub, the building has now been disappeared without a trace.

In late 2002, Winston joins the Liberal Democrats, promising to actively campaign on issues including police stop-and search tactics and unemployment among ethnic minority groups, in his bid to be their candidate at the next election.

In February 2003, Winston said, "I'm still very involved with the Liberal Democrats and have every intention of standing for MP in the next election."

In September 2003, Winston stands against the Liberal Democrats in the Brent East by-election as an independent. He loses.

In July 2004, Winston hits headlines and loses financial support for the Croydon Youth Games over anti-immigration remarks on his website.

In February 2005, Winston joins Veritas, the vanity political party of Robert Kilyroy-Silk, calling for "a blanket ban on immigration and asylum for one year". He becomes the party's sports spokesman.

Winston becomes the Veritas candidate for Croydon North at the 2005 general election. He loses.

Two weeks after losing as the Veritas candidate at the 2005 general election, and three months after joinging the party, Winston resigns from Veritas, blaming old friend Kilroy-Silk for losing the election (in seventh place).

In July 2005, Winston rejoins Veritas after the resignation of Kilroy-Silk, just in time to stand in their leadership election. He loses.

Winston stands as an independent in the Fieldway by-election on Croydon Council in June 2005. He loses.

Winston is unable to go before Simon Cowell et al in the X Factor '05, when he is rejected despite havin released a charity single.

In October 2006, Winston brands Croydon's Conservative Council 'racist' in the fall-out from the poorly attended Croydon Youth Games he organised.

In November 2006, Winston unveils his campaign to be Conservative mayoral candidate, with his team of former heavyweight boxing champ Derek 'Sweet D' Williams and the ex-wife of a Conservative peer, saying "From the day David Cameron became leader of the Conservatives I felt he had so much to offer society."

So let's get this straight: he was an equalities advisor to the LibDems but leaves them to campaign for a blanket ban on immigration; he loses election after election; his business is opposed by the police; he is advised politically by a boxer and a former mayoress; and he brands the Tory Council racist, then a few weeks later wants to represent the Conservatives.

I don't see a problem, do you?


Blogger jeremy said...

According to the BBC, he was also a Labour party member at one point:

BBC link

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to the BBC, he was also a Labour party member at one point:

BBC link

Labour, Lib Dem, Veritas, Conservative... quite a journey!

2:46 PM  
Blogger vincent said...

Has anyone seen this?

THe Architect Will Alsop has set up a blog where you cna post ideas and comments about the future of Croydon.

What do you think?

6:18 PM  
Blogger Mike Armstrong said...

At least the Green Party succeeded in keeping him out.

7:08 PM  

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