Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fair enough

Croydon was London's first Fairtrade Borough, and I was pleased to be able to play a small part in achieving that a few years ago.

A major part of Croydon's commitment to Fairtrade has been the development of Fair Enough, a fairtrade shop just by Croydon Parish Church on Church Street. It has been set up by a small group of volunteers with the support of various churches and the Co-operative Group. On Monday I attended a meeting of the steering group to talk about how they could become a formal co-operative and better involve members of the public, their volunteers, faith groups and other activists. They are a really nice bunch of people, committed to their work and taking on board many issues in a professional way. It was striking to see how many (necessary) barriers are in their way - health and safety, marketing, start-up funding, premises management, leases, employment, etc, etc - and the cheerful and positive way they dealt with them.

So if you need cashews, chocolate, coffee, cotton clothing or Christmas decorations, pop down to Fair Enough and browse the shelves, content in the knowledge that you are doing a very good thing.


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Sounds fantastic.

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