Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Labour branch quiz was never so much fun

Last week saw the Woodside and Ashburton Branch Labour Party quiz. Now I approached this event with some trepidation, but Julia asked her friends to rally round and support her, so I gave in. Turned out that she'd asked so many, we couldn't all be on one team. So Oli, Mary, Jane and I became team 'Shirley Burly' (Oli's idea, no one laughed). The Gold Coast on Portland Road was the venue, Star beer from Ghana was drink of the day, and spicy roast banana kept us going.

And we won! Twice!

We held our own in sport and music, and excelled in history, politics and general knowledge. My smuggest moment was knowing the nautical name of South Norwood's first railway station - the Jolly Sailor (pub), which no one believed could be true.

Then to also win the signed copy of Gordon Brown's Speeches 1997-2006 was top, even if I'll never actually read it. The quiz prize was a large tin of Cadbury's Heroes.

Didn't mean I got to have more than a mini Crunchie though, did it? Some prize...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

True victory. True joy. True delight.

5:36 PM  

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