Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Big Ask

A short while ago I went to see my local Conservative Member of Parliament, Andrew Pelling MP, about the Big Ask campaign. Essentially the campaign is to get the government to make the Queen's Speech green, with a Climate Change Bill. It's fronted by Friends of the Earth with a coalition including the Co-operative Party.

Anyway, I met up with my fellow lobbyists in the Gold Coast then wandered round to the Tory HQ on Enmore Road. It was fun pointing out that EVERY light in the building was on as we made our way in to lobby on climate change. The building is the sombre, stuffy place you'd expect for a Friday night surgery, a few drinkers turning to stare.

Andrew was friendly and personable, and has already signed EDM 178. We asked him to write in support of the campaign to the Environment Secretary and the Prime Minister, and he agreed to do the first ('saving paper' by missing out the PM). So we got our objective and got our point across, although my fellow lobbyists found the process daunting enough to wish they'd prepared more - I think they did great! Thanks to that meet-up I'll be attending the inaugural Croydon Friends of the Earth meeting at the Unison Club, Chatsworth Road on 8 November at 1930.

So another Friday night spent doing politics. Somehow it felt like an achievement, and I'd recommend everyone do the Big Ask while there's still time.


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