Sunday, September 17, 2006

Article:In and out of Croydon

After a summer away from Croydon, in other hemispheres, the shock of returning is great. Now having to commute to London via central Croydon, I realise how stressful the whole thing is. I don't mind the not getting a seat, the close physical contact yet no eye contact whatsoever, the heat and the smell of sweat and the feeling of being a sheep. No what irritates me is the many small decisions I have to make just to complete a relatively short journey.

I should just have to get on one of the three bus routes to make the four mile journey into Croydon, then the train to London Bridge, where I work. But no, each morning, I have to decide the following:

1. Which bus stop?
2. This bus has come, but should I wait for the other one which avoids a little bit of the traffic?
3. Should I get off the bus after just four stops to walk a bit then get on another bus?
4. Or should I wait and see if the traffic gets better?
5. Or should I just walk the whole way?

How can it be that the short bit of my journey is from Croydon to London - 10 minutes - and the nightmare is the short bus ride to Croydon - 50 minutes? And who decided that having major road works on TWO points should start after the school holidays ended, rather than in the two months before?

So now I understand.


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