Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Article: Croydon round-up

A round-up of places visited in Croydon:

  • The Gold Coast, Ghanaian gastropub at 224 Portland Road, South Norwood: fun, popular bar and restaurant with interesting food. It was a balmy night and several bottles of Star didn't do anything to cool us down. Food is rich, spicy and filling, not necessarily the most inclusive or light, but good and hearty. Service was lovely
  • Domali's restaurant on Westow Street, Upper Norwood: as always good food, good coffee, good juices. This time had our veggie treats in the garden, not as leafy as I remember it. Next time I'll stick to sitting inside among the trendy types. Good hearty vegetarian (and fish) food, good deals at lunchtime. I had odd pea soup and roasted vegetables. 0871 3328093
  • Hart Beat at the White Hart, Crystal Palace, on Wednesdays wasn't quite what I expected. The food and beer were great, of course, but we were surprised by the music, a couple playing soft rock classics. They were good at what they did, but it was incongruous given the crowd and setting.
  • The new Warehouse Theatre (East Croydon) bar and cafe is good. They have taken the hearty pies and stews (which I really liked) off the menu and it's a lot lighter, with generic salads, sandwiches and jackets, but with a strong Mediterranean twist. I hope the new South African managers will encourage the good cooks to use the specials board to have some interesting dishes in future, but the staples are generous and good for lunch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite honestly the gold Coast is poooo.

One more pub ruined!

2:36 PM  

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